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The following two graphs were from a case study involving a 12,000-gallon active steam turbine with one of our PureFlo 700 systems installed. The above testing results were provided by our client’s own independent oil analysis lab results. This shows the high level of efficiency our systems are capable of performing at when it comes to varnish and particulate removal. 


Proven results

“I worked at the Shell, Westhollow Technology Center (WTC) in Houston for 37 years. Recently, I was asked if I was willing to substantiate the effectiveness of an electrostatic filtration technology at removing oxidation by-products from oxidized oils. My answer was yes, I witnessed the system in action and saw what impact it had on oxidized oil. I was impressed with what all it removed during the field trial. It definitely functioned as designed. The customer was experiencing issues such as varnish on the interior walls of the oil system and subsequent servo valve sticking. As a result of applying this technology, those problems were resolved.”- Roy H. Thompson Jr.

“The strength of this electrostatic filtration process was removing oil oxidation by-products, which form varnish in circulating systems. In doing our testing we also found that this technology removed particulate down to the sub-micron level. The system performed beyond our expectations… I do recommend the use of this electrostatic filter technology.”- Jerry E. Teltschick,  Jerry E. Teltschick- Team Leader- Industrial Lubricants and Fuels R&D, Shell Global Solutions US & Equilon LLC Texaco R&D Lab

“I highly recommend the use of the redesigned technology in industrial circulating oil applications where Group I or Group II, hydraulic or turbine mineral oils are used. It is very efficient at removing mineral oil oxidation by-products and particulate. It can be used to either recover a problematic system or maintain a healthy circulating oil system to prevent the issues caused by dirty, oxidized mineral oils from occurring.”- Robert W. Bowden, Certified Lubrication Specialist